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Origami has the power to transform a whole society. We believe that the manual craftiness of the Japanese is awakened at an early age by the widespread use of Origami during childhood.

The relaxing qualities of Origami have also imparted an active meditational tool to the society.

We are experienced with special events, public relations and have been commissioned for several works. Including workshops at Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery; school holiday programs for children aged 10-12 years; 'Animals Out Of Paper' - A Play By Rajiv Joseph at the Ensemble Theatre and much more.

Please contact us to find out more on how origami can improve and enrich your life.

Konica Minolta House official opening - The Origami People


Michael Clonaris began Origami in 1985 after his sister returned from Japan and taught him 3 origami designs. He made 1000 Origami cranes that same year and shortly afterwards met and married his wife Etsuko who urged him to farther pursue Origami as a profession.

In 1986, along with Simon Peart, Etsuko and his sister Debby they made a huge 7 metre square Origami crane for the International year of Peace activities.

Michael has appeared on television and radio, has been published in Vogue and Home Beautiful magazines, has made Origami for advertising, for commercial shops, for national sale catalogues, conventions and corporate functions.

Michael has taught Origami to both children and adults at many schools, fairs and community group workshops. He has also exhibited and taught at the Japan Festivals in Sydney held at the Queen Victoria Building. Micheal visits Japan for at least one month every year to farther refine his skills and stay abreast of all the latest Origami trends

Origami has the power to transform a whole society. Michael believes that the manual craftiness of the Japanese is awakened at an early age by the widespread use of Origami during childhood. The relaxing qualities of Origami have also imparted an active meditational tool to the society.

Our Workshops
Students at the Origami People's courses will learn the bases: square, bird, fish, w-boat, blintz etc. They will learn to relax by always having small pieces of paper on hand to pass the time. They will learn creativity and playfulness.

Origami and Children
Origami enables children to entertain and educate themselves for long periods of time with minimal exertion. Students are taught the visual language of Origami design and are encouraged to expand their skill via libraries and the internet. The lessons are graded with more difficult pieces taught once the basics have been mastered.

Michael's expertise is often sourced by Creative Directors of leading Ad Agencies producing ads for distribution across all types of media.

He has been the subject of a number of specialist television productions broadcast nationally including SBS TV's "Here Comes The Neighbourhood" and TEN's "Totally Wild". In 2009 his work was featured in a series of segments on ABC TV's New Inventors program.

A large portion of Michaels time is devoted to farthering Origami education and instruction within the community through his group workshop activities which are aimed at nurturing creativity amongst people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Origami People's products are sold in some of Australias most prestigous Art Galleries, Boutique Gift Shops and Handcraft stores.

In addition to product sold from local retail we also sell globally to individuals and overseas retailers directly through this site.


Animation of origami Australia from 2 by 1 rectangle paper.

Origami box with four points

Traditional origami box from a square piece of paper.

Here's an origami shirt for you to make in a couple of minutes.


The Origami People Services:

Origami tuition
Origami demonstrations
Origami workshops
Origami for school and community group activity
Origami demonstrations
Origami exhibitions
Original Origami designs
Origami for Creative Directors
Origami for advertising
Origami for retail shopfront displays
Origami for corporate marketing
Origami for corporate functions and events
Origami for social functions, family functions and hospitality events

The Origami People Products:

Origami earrings
Origami gift boxes
Origami gift cards
Origami xmas decorations
Origami baby mobiles

Buying from us: If you live in Sydney and would like to purchase earrings or cards please call Michael to make an appointment. Otherwise, if you would still like to buy but are too far to see us personally please email us. The contact section of this site has all our contact details.

Customer service: We are committed to total excellence in not only our products but also in the level of service we strive to provide to you as well.


Please send us your details below if you have any queries about our services or products, or would just like to know anything about origami.

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